Labradoodle Love

cfa49caabbd6423a7b7a40c8a04722d2I am getting a Labradoodle!!!  I can hardly contain myself, I have been wanting this breed of dog for 6 years now. We get to go pick out our dog this weekend. I am beyond excited to invite a fur baby into our home to become a part of our family. Our own teddy bear! Their curly hair and exciting personalities bring joy to my heart. Who doesn’t love doodle dogs? One of the main topics that I talk about on a daily basis with my hair clients is their pets. They go on for hours about them, no lie.  My husband and I are not sure yet if we are getting a boy or girl, but we are third in line to choose from a litter of seven. Some people say to pick a girl because they are more loving, but I don’t have a preference really, other than color. This will be a fun summer with lots of walks at the park. I’m thankful to have a tall backyard fence with plenty of room to play fetch.


I couldn’t resist sharing this photo, just look at how cute he is with his t-shirt and coffee cup! I can’t wait to take photos like this of our dog and share them all with you! More fun and adventure with our fur baby to come soon.